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Event Venue Website Design: High Desert Event Center

Event Venue Website Design: High Desert Event Center

By on Jan 10, 2014 in Blog, Portfolio, Web Design, Website Redesign

The San Bernardino County Fairgrounds is host to one of the biggest annual fairs in Southern California. They are very well known for the annual San Bernardino County Fair, but many people are unaware that they are an actual full service venue with several on-site properties that can accommodate everything from a wedding party to  full blown trade shows.  This year they started a rebranding campaign and have changed their name to the High Desert Event Center. Along with the name change, they also needed a new website that would let their visitors now that they are much more than just a place to host the annual fair.  Their previous website featured one main image at the top of the site that they would change when a new event would come up. The site also had three content sections below the featured image that contained static content throughout the year. After speaking with the client, we knew exactly what they needed. This new site screams EVENT VENUE! The first thing you’ll notice is the unique featured image section at the top. Normally, this section may contain a featured slider which slides or swaps out images and content with with new images and content. Those work great, but one disadvantage to that is who really waits around to view all the slides? Your website visitors expect to come to your site and find what they are looking for without having to have to wait for a slider. That’s where this four featured image section comes in. It allows the client to feature the four most important items on their site without forcing the visitor to wait for each slide. The content is always available to them. Next comes the three content columns. These content sections allow us to split the site up into categories that feature the latest news, posts, photo galleries and videos while keeping a nice neatly organized presentation. There’s no doubt that one visit to this site and you’ll know that they are a full blown event venue center and not just a place to go for the annual fair. The site just recently launched, therefore some of the current content may look repetitive, but that will not...

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