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9 Factors For A Successful Website

9 Factors For A Successful Website

By on Apr 5, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Website Tips

While every one’s visual tastes are different, there are several universal principles that successful websites embody. We’ve distilled these down for you into a simple list of critical success factors. As the web matures, visitors come to your site with higher expectations. Failing to satisfy those expectations can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your website. 1. Quality Content People visit your site to view content, so providing worthwhile content is one of the most fundamental issues that website owners need to address. The quality of your content not only plays a vital role in converting visitors into results, but also directly impacts your search engine rankings. Good content is time consuming to produce, so ensure that you make adequate allowances for content production in your planning. 2. Usability Many sites on the web – even cool ones – fail because people either can’t figure out how to use the site or couldn’t be bothered trying to work out the innovative navigation that the web designer spent countless hours inventing. To ensure that visitors find your site easy to use, it is advisable to run some simple tests with a small number of people from your target demographic. Just ask them to perform some basic tasks on your web site (such as “purchase 2 widgets using this credit card”). You may be surprised at the results and the findings may vastly improve your website overall. 3. Accessibility People access the internet in many different ways using an increasing number of connections, browsers and devices. From fast corporate connections, high speed cable and DSL, to mobile broadband, Android Phones & iPhones, speech browsers, old browsers through to old fashioned dial-up the range is enormous. Your site needs to be usable on any of the platforms that people are likely to access it from. The key concept here is “graceful degradation”€ which simply means that whilst a simple device might not display your web page in all its glory, it should still display in a respectable manner. 4. A Good Strategy A good strategy is essential to gaining a good return on the money invested in developing your website. Ensure that you know why you have a site and what business outcomes...

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