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What Is More Important: Web Design or Web Content?

What Is More Important: Web Design or Web Content?

By on Apr 3, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Website Tips

What Is More Important, Website Design or Website Content? You have recently launched an awesome new website with a great design and layout. But the content on your site is not up to par. How long do you think people will continue visiting your website? There might be a strong influx initially because your website is new, but the flow may soon trickle down when they see that your website is not offering them value. On the other hand, you may have great content, but the website design and layout is drab and uninteresting. There is no doubt, that a visually appealing website layout will increase your chances of attracting and retaining visitors. The big question is, what is more important, web design or web content? A Look at Website Design Web designers mostly design websites to fit a business objective and initially, there may be little thought put into the content side besides the usual generic pages like “About Us”, “Services”, “Products” and “Contact Us”. This is usually the standard approach that a business takes when they are starting out on the Internet and do not have someone to guide them. When a website is well designed, it indicates to the visitor that your company is professionally managed. But, on the other hand, if your website does not look good due to a bad design and layout or does not function correctly, it can make your company look very unprofessional. Many companies make the mistake of taking their website visitors’ expectations for granted. Note that if the visitors do not like what they see, they will quickly leave your website and head to your competitor’s site. For some small businesses, a company website is probably the only visible aspect of your business. Therefore your site visitors will judge your company by the way your website looks. The design gives directions to the visitor and is responsible for setting the mood. A Look at Website Content A well designed website is only the first piece of the puzzle. Content is responsible for giving information to your site visitors, getting you higher rankings on search engines, bringing value to your site and increasing your organic search visibility, which improves your...

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